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Prolights LumiPar 12UQPro

12x8W RGBW/FC wash light super-slim PAR LED Lumipar 12UQPro is a super-slim par LED designed for professional use to be a powerful wash light and perform an outstanding chromatic capacity through the new optical design and light source based on 4 colours mixing. Lumipar 12UQPro is compatible with the infrared remote controller for intuitive and interactive use without need any external DMX units and can be also controlled wireless through the optional USB WIFI transceiver in combination with WIFIBOX and the SmartColor app.

Prolights Mini VersaPar

7x10W RGBW compact zoom PAR Mini VersaPar is a compact indoor LED zoom PAR designed for rental companies. The multi-purpose concept combining high brightness, wide zoom range and advanced colour mixing truly makes this a unique fixture. Mini VersaPar is equipped with 10° - 40° unrivalled zoom range, high efficiency, perfect chromatic uniformity, HD dimming technology and totally silent operation.